For whom is HealingHOOK® suitable?

Thanks to the innovative design, the Healing Hook can be used by almost anyone. Below are some of the most common groups that have found the Healing Hook useful.

For Office Jobs

A static sitting position in front of the computer causes many of the health problems in our society today. Working at the keyboard stiffens the back and causes the shoulders to get stuck. The Healing Hook is the office worker’s best aid for independent muscle self-care. Treat especially the shoulder blade area and the trapezius muscle above the shoulder. A tight trazepezius muscle and tense shoulders causes a large part of headaches. When the muscles are tense, the brain does not get enough oxygen. In a state of oxygen deprivation, the brain function is weaker than in an optimal state, so by hooking yourself up you also gain more clarity!

For Physical Work

In professions that require a static standing position or repetitive movements, muscles tend to become strained easily.Especially for workers who stand for prolonged periods, back problems are common due to ergonomically unfavorable working postures. The situation can be improved by focusing on personal ergonomics and using the Healing Hook to treat sore muscles. With the hook, you can treat not only sore back muscles, but also the large muscles of the legs, and even the soles of the feet that hurt while standing or walking. Try Healing Hook out now.

For The Motorist

When sitting in a car, a person often spends long periods of time in monotonous positions. The body becomes numb and the muscles shorten. With the Healing Hook, you can effectively revive blood circulation throughout the body. Stretching the trapezius muscle is also extremely important for drivers, because a tight trapezius muscle makes it difficult to turn the head back. Being agile in traffic allows for quicker reactions and may one day save your life.


For Athletes and Active Individuals

With the Healing Hook, you can enhance the recovery from sports performances by treating strained muscles during exercise. For example, there is a membrane on the outer edge of the thigh which often tightens during exercise. By swinging the Healing Hook over the membrane you can ease the pain. The Healing Hook also works great when it is necessary to relieve muscle tension by yourself on the competition field, and that is why it is used by one of our top javelin throwers!

For those with various Ailments

The Healing Hook is a self-help tool for many different ailments. With it, you treat a throbbing sciatica, rotate the base of the skull to make headaches milder, and make a frozen shoulder more functional again. With the Healing Hook you relief shoulder cramps and gently massage a tennis elbow on the forearm. On the hook part, you can refresh the blood circulation of the arthritic knee, and with firm pressures, you trigger the pain conditions of the pear muscle.

For a Young Person

Many young people and students spend a lot of time in front of the computer, either working or having fun. A static sitting position and keyboard work have caused these generations already at a young age ailments that were previously only seen in adults or aging people. There is a whole age group of people with dementia on the rise, unless we do something about it. With a Healing Hook, even young people can take care of their own well-being.

As a Gift

The Healing Hook is suitable as a gift for anyone, regardless of age, belief, diet or athleticism. The eye-catching and timeless Healing Hook is the perfect Christmas gift, Father’s or Mother’s Day gift, and a great housewarming idea. A Healing Hook is also a great business gift.

For Passengers

Are you traveling for work or leisure? Thanks to its innovative design, the Healing Hook can easily be carried in your bag. When folded, it fits in almost any luggage or hangs on the straps of a bike when hiking. Nothing ends a hiking trip better than the soles of your feet curled up by the campfire. Thus the Healing Hook has become an unfailing partner for many travellers.