HealingHOOK – Birch

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Genuine and original Pain Hook®
100% domestic

Made of high-quality, ecological and durable domestic birch plywood.

The pain hook helps you e.g.

  • to relieve shoulder tension and relax
  • to improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation
  • for migraine symptoms
  • to headache
  • to access pain points in the stage area
  • to recover from sports performance faster
  • sciatica problems
  • for back and upper arm pain.

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Birch plywood is a durable, natural and pleasant to use material. We only use Finnish birch plywood so that we can ensure the quality of the material. As a material, wood is more alive than natural fiber composite, and the beautiful wooden Pain Hook is best suited for the home's living room or workplace.

How to relax, eliminate pain, reduce stress and recover faster?

The answer is Kipukoukuk®. Kipukoukku® has already brought relief to more than 200,000 Finns who suffer from the aforementioned problems. Join the ranks of happy Kipukokun® users, and start easy self-care right away. Thanks to its small size, Kipukoukku® can be taken with you to the gym, workplace, or, for example, on a vacation. For the price of a massage visit, you get access to an eternal partner whose usage possibilities are unlimited.

Hook treatment combines the benefits of massage and trigger point treatment. The most common benefits create a relaxed feeling when muscle tension is relieved. This results in improved blood circulation and oxygen supply in the tissue, which relieves pain.

Did you know?

The materials we use are very ecological.

The beautiful birch plywood Kipukokukku is a Finnish innovation.

Instructions on how to use the hook can be found here.

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