The genuine and original Pain Hook®

Now it’s HealingHOOK

Reduces pain and muscle tension

Relieves headaches and migraine symptoms

Facilitates faster recovery from physical exercise

Improves brain blood circulation and oxygen supply

Over 200,000 products sold already - you can recognize the genuine one by the Key Flag symbol

The Pain Hook is an easy-to-use self-treatment tool developed in 2002 for muscles.

The most common cause of neck and shoulder area discomfort is muscle tension resulting from a static posture. The effectiveness of the Pain Hook is based on relieving muscle tension, increasing blood circulation, and removing toxins from the muscles.

By hooking, you can quickly alleviate symptoms caused by muscle stiffness, such as headaches, dizziness, and sciatica.

Recommended by doctors

A simple invention can be excellent. For example, a safety pin consists of a piece of wire and a small piece of metal, yet it is one of the most common tools worldwide. The Pain Hook® belongs to the same category of simple but effective tools. May it spread throughout the world, as it provides assistance to those in need.”


Erkki J. Valtonen
Doctor of Medicine, professor